Stormwater Permit Compliance Training

Facilities and municipalities that hold NPDES stormwater discharge permits are required to train their employees on permit compliance, pollution prevention, spill prevention and response, and SWPPP documentation. Often, this is known as SWPPP Training.

The new Phase II rules require stormwater permits at construction sites one acre and larger. This permit requires weekly inspections and maintenance of the installed erosion and sedimentation control devices.

Stormwater Services Group provides in-house training for these topics and others relating to permit and environmental compliance.

Using a multi-media approach, the SWPPP training seminars are developed for specific audiences. We understand that all employees do not need the same training on all topics. For example, the stormwater pollution prevention team requires a detailed course covering all aspects of the Permit requirements. Production staff may only require Permit awareness training and first responder level for spill prevention and response.

Classes we provide:

The staff at Stormwater Services Group has provided Permit compliance training to clients representing more than 350 facilities. We can develop an appropriate series of training seminars for your facility and its employees. We can also review your current environmental training materials for compliance with new regulations and make necessary modifications.

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