Certification of No Exposure

Stormwater Services Group is now providing consultation to industrial facilities that seek Certification of No Exposure. Effective with the new Phase II rules, all industrial facilities (except construction activities) are eligible to certify that their facilities have NO EXPOSURE of industrial activities, products, or materials to stormwater.

This certification is available to facilities in all US states and territories. A facility may request this Certification at any time. However, each industrial or manufacturing facility must either obtain a Stormwater Permit, or certify that there is no exposure of industrial activities.

The "No Exposure Certification" is submitted to the State or USEPA stormwater permitting authorities.

Facilities that manufacture pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics, and food products are usually good candidates for obtaining the No Exposure Exemption. Other facilities will benefit from our services.

To receive the Conditional No Exposure Exemption for Industrial Activity, the industrial discharger must submit an application form that indicates an inspection of the facility has occurred, and that the owner/operator can certify that all industrial materials and activities are protected from stormwater (including runoff, snowmelt, and rain) by a storm resistant shelter or otherwise not exposed to precipitation. By certifying to "No Exposure", a facility may save the costs of Permit compliance (often hundreds of dollars each year), and help the environment by removing all potential pollutant sources from exposure to precipitation. Each facility must re-certify once every five years.

We are currently offering a special service to all industrial facilities that seek Certification of No Exposure. We will visit your site, make a thorough inspection, and complete the application for No Exposure Certification if the site can meet the requirements. If industrial exposure is identified during our site inspection, we will prepare a report with recommendations on how to achieve No Exposure compliance. Our initial inspection fee can be applied toward the cost of writing a SWPPP if the State does not grant the No Exposure Exemption.

Our fee for No Exposure Certification services start at $350, depending on size and complexity of facility and distance from Raleigh, North Carolina. For facilities outside the continental USA, the fee is negotiable.

To receive more information, to request a site visit, or to speak with a stormwater specialist, submit your request here.

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